Our enterprise utilizes cold forming and cold heading technologies to produce fasteners, pins, dowel pins, and various components by leveraging the possibilities offered by the technology.

We undertake the production of medium and large series. Besides standard fasteners, our products mainly include custom-designed screws based on drawings.

It’s important to note that thanks to our machinery, we also offer CNC machining, thread tapping, and all related custom configurations.

The majority of our products are non-standard, manufactured based on drawings and/or samples and specifications provided by our customer partners.

The manufactured products can be supplied in heat-treated finish and with various surface treatments according to the requirements.

For our partners, based on their specified annual usage requirements, we maintain inventory of the products they use, ensuring continuous supply while meeting the desired deadlines.

Our products are primarily manufactured for significant domestic end-user and supplier industrial companies.

Our company prides itself on its expert team, who have several years of experience in the field of fastener manufacturing. This experience enables them to provide innovative solutions tailored to the unique needs of their clients.

VTS Kft. is committed to continuous innovation, and among their plans is the development and introduction of further custom screws to the market. The company’s future prospects include expansion and maintaining a leading position in the industry in the field of custom fasteners.


By commissioning CNC machines, there will be an expansion into new and various custom products related to the current activities.

With more advanced technology, work can be done faster, more accurately, and with greater precision.

Fulfillment of reliable, high-quality orders.

Facilitating and making job positions more efficient for employees.

Within the framework of the Economic Development and Innovation Operational Program, the Ministry of Finance, as the Supporter, announced the call titled “Increasing the Competitiveness of SMEs through Adaptive Technological Innovation” on November 6, 2017. Based on this call, VTS Ltd. submitted an application for support.

With the commissioning of 4 CNC machines, technological development can be achieved, leading to long-term increases in both the number of employees and annual revenue. Setting short deadlines and ensuring precise delivery are important factors for our partners, which can be achieved through the use of more advanced machinery, reflecting reliability and predictability.